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Tony Hayes

Tony Hayes
Professional Photographer/Creative Director/Retoucher

A native to Kentucky and now sharing time between Nashville, Tennessee and Miami, Florida, Tony Hayes began his photography profession after attending the New York Institute of Photography. He became fascinated by the artistry of photography at a young age when his mother would take him exploring and traveling on shoots. Tony has since developed a passion to capture the people, the colors, the glamour and the scenes of the world. Photography is simple enough to do by just about anybody, but it is profoundly challenging to master. This challenge keeps his interest high. Visually exploring life’s moments for various clients and being published across the globe has given Tony a chance to discover that “unique angle”. The initial spark started with an old film Kodak, but digital technology has since fanned the flame to expand his visual adventure and has turned into a photography studio known as Verve. While establishing his portfolio Tony concentrated on classic and contemporary styles of photography to create glamorous images with a hint of photo-journalistic flare. His current gear includes camera equipment manufactured exclusively by Nikon, lenses from Nikon, Sigma and Tamron, and digital software such as Adobe Photoshop, Nikon Capture, Lightroom and Photomatix Pro. He thoroughly enjoys the experience of taking photos and sharing them with the world. His current stock includes thousands of images and here you'll be able to see some of them. The galleries will be updated frequently so please check back often.

If his photography seduces your emotions and places a smile on your face then Tony knows that the “big picture” has been achieved. May you enjoy this intimate view of the world as you journey through the lens of Verve Studios and its founder. Thank you for visiting the galleries at Verve Studios we look forward to capturing your look.

Annelise Carey

Annelise Carey
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Growing up in Mississippi, Annelise’s passion for the art of makeup, fashion and style began at an early age. At 7 years old, she discovered her Lebanese grandmother’s vanity filled with Oscar’ de La Renta perfume, Estee Lauder crème rouge, Lancôme powder and Revlon red lipstick. Her grandmother Meme owned high-end women’s tailor and boutique and Annelise was constantly surrounded by fashion forward style and rare vintage multi-cultural designs. She was intrinsically immersed with a love of vibrant colors, patterns and shimmers that developed her attraction of using makeup to create an artistic palate of unique styling techniques.

Currently living in Nashville, Annelise has over 6 years of makeup artistry experience in Nashville, L.A. and the Southeast. She has had the opportunity to work with multiple talented fashion, wedding, lifestyle photographers and videographers in the industry. Her clientele portfolio includes bridal, pageant, wedding, lifestyle, fashion, musicians including country, pop, rock, indie bands and singer songwriters. Annelise’s work has been displayed in publications such as Real Simple magazine, Mississippi Bridal Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes blog, and NBC’s The Voice, multiple country and independent artists music videos. Creating a unique, yet naturally enhancing, beautiful and classic look is her method of choice when working with clients. Annelise is known for her flawless application techniques and use of colors that accentuate and highlight features to a truly transforming camera-ready style.

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Desmond Child

Songs Recorded By Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, Clay Aiken, Animotion, Baha Men, Jimmy Barnes, Robin Beck, Beggars Thieves, Stephanie Bentley, Petra Berger, Bif Naked, Blackhawk, Michael Bolton, Bon Jovi, Bonfire, Boyzone, Flavio Cesar, Bill Champlin, Chayanne, Judy Cheeks, Cher, Chicago, Kelly Clarkson, Clarence Clemons, Alice Cooper, Carlos Cuevos, Paul Dean, Diana DeGarmo, Desmond Child Rouge, Dudes of Wrath, Dream Theater, Hilary Duff, Evil Stig, FM, Ellen Foley, Ace Frehley, The Gufs, Haddaway, Hall Oates, Hanson, Chesney Hawkes, Ty Herndon, INXS, Joan Jett, Cletus T. Judd, KISS, Patti La Belle, Nikki Leonti, La Ley, Dan Lucas, Cyndi Lauper, Mitch Malloy, Amanda Marshall, Ricky Martin, Jesse McCartney, Stephanie McIntosh, Meatloaf, Megadeth, Mika, Millie, Billie Myers, Alannah Myles, Vince Neil, Ru Paul, Chynna Phillips, Phoenix Down, Iggy Pop, Jason Raize, RATT, LeeAnn Rimes, Kane Roberts, Rosco, Roxette, Jennifer Rush, Richie Sambora, Saraya, The Scorpions, Shakira, Sisqo, Southgang, Billy Squier, Paul Stanley, Swirl 360, 3rd Faze, Bonnie Tyler, Kris Tyler, Carrie Underwood, Steve Vai, Maria Vidal, Anna Vissi, John Waite, Tim Weisberg, Robbie Williams, Peter Wolf, Trisha Yearwood, Ace Young
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Nashville Fashion Week fosters Nashville’s heralded community spirit, and our concentration of creative, fashion-forward and entrepreneurial talent, to create a one-of-a-kind event that is uniquely Nashville. Nashville Fashion Week is a city-wide celebration of Nashville’s thriving fashion and retail community and its vast array of creative talent. Featuring local, regional and national designers and industry professionals in an array of creative events throughout the week encourages both Nashvillians and visitors to explore the city’s diverse fashion and retail spaces with promotions, partnerships and educational workshops. Nashville Fashion Week is co-founded and directed by a collaboration of fashion, media marketing professionals who have partnered to combine their passion and resources to create a volunteer event that spotlights Nashville’s growing fashion community with a sustainable focus for philanthropic support. Ticket proceeds from Nashville Fashion Week benefit the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Nashville Fashion Forward Fund gives an annual award to advance the career of select local talent with demonstrated experience in a fashion-related field. The Nashville Fashion Forward Fund ensures that Nashville Fashion Week is not just a signature high-profile event, but also an ongoing, sustainable focus for philanthropic support of the community.

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An organized alliance of like-minded professionals dedicated to building a sustainable and globally recognized fashion industry through advocacy, economic development, resources and education.

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